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How we use your information

Power of Opinions is a company registered in the United Kingdom. Power of Opinions is the research arm of Atomik Research, which is part of All Global Media. This privacy policy outlines how we use the personal information we collect when you sign up to join our online panel, take part in surveys or use the panel member’s website.

  • We collect basic profile information in order to segment our panels. The information you provide us when signing up is the full extent of the data we keep, such as:


    Email address





    Household information

    Other information may be voluntarily given in surveys you participate in to further segment your demographic. Any feedback, comments or any other information you provide us is strictly confidential. We never pass your information on to our clients or third parties.

  • We use the information you provide us to perform several tasks which support our market research objectives. Your information is used internally and is never shared with our clients or third parties. Below is a list of functions we perform using the information you provide:

    Send invitations of surveys you may be interested in participating in.

    Categorise your information for analysis purposes. We break down your information in terms of age, gender and geographical location as a way of cross referencing the results we generate to develop trends.

    Enter you into any prize draws you are eligible for.

    Occasionally ask whether you want to participate in TV, radio or newspaper interviews. We will only pass your information on to other people with your explicit consent.

    To create anonymous profiles for statistical purposes based on the information provided.

    To send vouchers and rewards once the participant has collected enough points.

    To send newsletters.

    We will never use the information you provide us for any purpose other than research. We:

    Will NOT use your information to sell you anything.

    Will NOT use your information for marketing purposes.

    Will NOT pass your information onto third parties for marketing.

    We will NOT sell your information to anyone and your data is always stored in a secured environment with restricted access to it.

    If you require any more information on how we use the information you provide us or to receive a copy of the information we hold about you, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team:

    Email sent to: reply@powerofopinions.co.uk

    Or by letter sent to:

    Power of Opinions

    19 Hayward's Place,London

    EC1R 0EH

  • We keep the initial information you provide when registering, along with any information you voluntarily divulge with us as long as you remain a member of the panel. You are free to leave the panel at any point, and we may remove you from our panel if you have remained inactive for long periods of time or if we suspect replica accounts.

    Before we remove people from the panel we will contact them and provide details of how to remain active as a panel member. If we consider you to have breached Power of Opinions terms and conditions, we may remove you from the panel without any notice and all access to your account and Power Points will be closed.

    When panel members leave, are removed or the panel is closed, we will delete all contact information along with any other data that could be used to identify you, leaving only your responses to surveys, which will be anonymous.

  • Our helplines are always at your disposal. We have a response team which can provide you with copies of all the information we hold about you. If you would like to obtain a copy of some or all the personal information, please feel free to contact us using the information provided below:

    Email sent to: reply@powerofopinions.co.uk

    Or by letter sent to:

    Power of Opinions

    19 Hayward's Place,London

    EC1R 0EH

    Letters or emails should include the name of the panel member and your panel membership number (if known), which will help us identify your account quickly and deal with the information request.

    This information access request is free of charge and is processed within 10 days from receiving your email/letter.

  • Children are a tremendously interesting demographic to study from a business perspective and we are often approached by companies to conduct research on under 18 year-olds. We consider it of the utmost importance to apply extra guidance when carrying out such surveys.

    Studies based on children under 18 years-old are conducted with consent from a parent, legal guardian or another person legally responsible for the child. They will be contacted before inviting them to join a panel or take part in the research.

  • By joining our online research panel and taking part in our online research, you agree to our use of cookies. Further details of what cookies are can be found by visiting www.aboutcookies.org.

  • For more information about our panels, panel membership or information related to your membership of one of our panels, please contact our support team:

    Email sent to: reply@powerofopinions.co.uk

    Or by letter sent to:

    Power of Opinions

    19 Hayward's Place,London

    EC1R 0EH

  • In the unlikely event that we have to make changes to our privacy policy, we will contact our members by email or make the information available on our website.

  • Information Commissioner’s Office: www.ico.gov.uk

    World organisation for market research - ESOMAR : www.esomar.org

    GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation: https://www.eugdpr.org/