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We believe that opinions are what make the world spin. They build the products and services we
consume, shape the media headlines we read and sculpt the art we love. So, rather than sit back
and watch all of these things unfold, wouldn’t you rather become part of them?

Get Rewarded For Sharing Your Opinion

  • Where would the world be without opinions? Everyone would have the same thoughts and feelings, want the same things and act the same way. At Power of Opinions we embrace what you think, because it matters.
  • As part of our panel, you and your opinions are at the heart of our projects for some of the world’s biggest brands. You’ll be contributing on issues from how you feel about pets to your opinion on current political issues, representing yourself, your age group, gender, industry and your region. Plus you’ll be earning whilst doing it!
  • Our online surveys and research groups are quick and easy and the results generate headlines for stories across national and regional print and online publications, from the BBC to the Telegraph. Not only that but you can help shape the way a business thinks, effecting key decisions and helping them expand to new markets as well as helping devise, develop and test the latest products to come on the market.
  • We treat everyone equally and reward you for each survey you complete, as well as giving you the chance to win some fun prizes as you go along. So if you’re interested in earning money for your opinions and want to make them count, click here to join.


We connect your opinion to brands via online surveys and pay 
you for telling them what you think.



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