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Atomik Research is our creative market research agency, which works with businesses and PR agencies to commission research studies for just about any conversation topic or industry sector. The research firm provides tailor-made solutions for our clients, taking a collaborative approach when scripting surveys to ensure the most insightful research results are delivered.

The Atomik team are experts in providing quantitative and qualitative market research projects which encompass a wide range of services including ad-tracking, focus groups, surveys, and brand-building. Covering both B2B and B2C markets, businesses and brands can be assured of bespoke research results which hit the headlines and provide the most in-depth business insight.

All our panel members are categorised according to their lifestyle and interests and therefore only receive surveys which are relevant to them and, in turn, brands get the results they want.

If you’re interested in commissioning a survey for your business, or just want to say hello, contact Atomik Research here.



Types of Research

Quick PR Survey: A customised quick turnaround survey designed to generate a news hook for a PR sell-in, usually between 1,000 and 2,000 respondents. Poll participants generally take this online.

Full-Service Survey: The full creative treatment with a dedicated account management team, scripting service, full graphical reports, and visual segmentation representation. The results generated from the poll are presented in a more accessible and readable manner.

Focus Groups: A group discussion which involves in-depth interviews around a specific topic. Often used as a more in-depth approach to generating research results.

Telephone and Face-to-Face Interviews: A more direct and personal approach using face-to-face interviews at a central location or telephone interviews at set dates and times for a more immediate response.

NPD (New Product Development): Creative approach to understanding the development of new products/services when launching into the market. Participants will be asked to assess or review new products and give their opinions.

Consumer Insight: A set of tools aimed at discovering consumer opinions around a refined topic or product. Market research groups will be quizzed on the specifics, rather than their general attitude towards something.

Custom research: Bespoke research projects developed to offer insight around a specific subject. Our panels will be presented with tailor-made questions to suit the commissioning organisation.

Instant Polls: 24 hours/48 hours – A poll conducted online inviting users to respond to a single question. Research of this nature is usually carried out in response to breaking events or developments, and will be carried out online.

Omnibus: A data collection approach that is undertaken at regular intervals. This is usually a series of like-for-like surveys, and research participants will be asked to answer questions on a basis over a long period of time.

Results Delivery

Infographics: A dynamic, graphical illustration representing the results of the study. This is a great way of presented information quickly and clearly and works particularly well in an age where most data is digested digitally. You can see an example of our work here.

Easy to read results: We believe results should be formatted in ways that mean something to you. Our study findings include a headline summary and top statistic report as well as detailed pie charts and graphs. You can also receive crosstabs and layered and weighted analysis in Excel and SPSS tables.

Segmented Results: Data is only relevant when it is broken down into appropriate sections. We segment by age, gender and region, with additional splits available on request.

Full translation of surveys: International studies generally require more filtering in order to be relevant. Our international and European panels offer some fantastic insight into markets beyond the British Isles, but also require translation and segmentation, all of which we provide.

PowerPoint Presentation: Research results should tell a story, and we create branded presentations making it easy to share the outcome of your study.

White Paper: A powerful way to build trust and rapport is to develop authoritative and informative white papers. Using research results as a basis, the white paper positions the commissioning firm as a thought leader in their industry.

Quick and cost effective: We guarantee a quick response and one point of contact to ensure the study returns the desired response in an effective manner. Our surveys can generate 1,000 respondents in 24 hours and 2,000 in 48 hours, and our other service offerings work to similarly strict deadlines.

Prompts a response: Our strong PR and marketing backgrounds enable us to formulate specialist PR surveys that provide vital news links for strong editorial features. Our studies are judged to be a reliable data source and are trusted by the media.