The Results of Power of Opinions

Newspaper Headlines

Water wastage in the shower

We conducted a survey into water usage in the home, in order to develop an understanding of where water savings could be made for a regional supplier. Our research of 1,800 people found, incredibly, that a third of women leave the shower running while shaving their legs, wasting around 50 billion litres of water per year. That’s enough to supply all homes in London for 25 days at a time of low rainfall!

The original news hook was used in the London Evening Standard, Mail Online, The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph and The Telegraph Online.

Putting pen to paper

We conducted research into the emotive feelings attached to handwritten notes, compared to communicating through modern technologies for a leading pen company.

Our research revealed that despite the domination of new technologies, Brits still value the nostalgic sentiment of a handwritten note. Six in ten Brits say receiving a handwritten note makes them feel special and half say it makes them feel cherished.

The research received fantastic media coverage, featuring on 23 BBC Radio stations, two national BBC stations and several commercial stations. In total, the research results were received by an audience of nearly six million radio listeners.

Digital Deception

We conducted a European survey for an internet security and virus protection company to determine the extent of parents’ knowledge of their teenagers’ online behaviour. The 50-question survey was conducted across six European countries including Britain, Germany and France, finding that Italy has the highest number of teens viewing inappropriate content online, with Holland the only European country where teens and parents are both very aware of the dangers of the online world.

The story was covered by The Telegraph, PC Advisor, Pro Security Zone, Recombu, Female First and Help Net Security.