We love to reward our panel members and have a competitive scheme in place to ensure people participating in our surveys are well incentivised. With a wide variety of different vouchers available, as well as cash payments via PayPal, we offer rewards appropriate to everyone.

If you're a current member and you'd like to see us offering something that's not on the list, let us know! 

Points Scheme

Our point scheme has been devised to give you a transparent overview of what you can earn and what it will get you. Power Points act like an online currency, which you can save up until you hit one of the following payout points:

1,000 Power Points = £10

2,000 Power Points = £20

5,000 Power Points = £50

When you reached your desired target, you can cash out and we’ll send you a voucher in the post immediately. We are renowned for paying out quickly, and waste no time ensuring the money you’ve earned reaches you with minimal fuss.


Cash out with PayPal


*PayPal redemptions require 1,054 points per £10, as PayPal charge a 5.4% processing fee. 



We’ve selected some of the most popular online shops to reward you for all your hard work.

Refer a Friend

Our panel is always growing and we offer a fantastic bonus scheme for referrals. For every friend/ colleague/ neighbour, you refer to Power of Opinions we will give you and the new member 5 Power Points, which will be added to your account.

The conditions of this offer are:

  • That the person you refer is someone other than you. Duplicate records will lead to termination of the account.
  • They participate in at least one survey they get sent.

Our Panels

We have a wonderfully diverse panel and are always on the lookout to expand. Below is a sampling of the groups we work with. If you know anyone who might fit well into one of the following categories, get them involved and receive 100 Power Points for your troubles.

  • Mums
  • Children
  • Teens
  • Over 50s
  • Business Owners
  • Car Owners
  • Home Owners
  • Pet Owners
  • International and European panels